Integration, Packing Stations & Work Benches

Why Integrate

Many retailers are citing that speed of packing is their main constraint at peak times. Integration helps you to remove the waste of your scarcest resource – time.

Our Protega team have over 25 years experience helping companies across multiple industries, to speed up work flow and design integrated solutions. This can improve operator working comfort as well as increase productivity.

From the beginning we work with you to make sure we have an in-depth understanding of your pick, packing and despatch requirements. Following the information gathering phase we offer proven ways of streamlining your processes. Which includes maximising the storage and positioning of supplies and equipment. In many cases we have been able to virtually double the output of a packing area by reducing operator movement whilst enhancing working environment.

Consultation & Design

We carry out an initial survey to gain an operational overview of your organisation. We look at workflow, materials handling and packing requirements and configure an efficient and safe work area.

CAD designs show what the finished project could look like, and, subject to input from all project stakeholders and agreement on the final design, a fixed cost will be given.


At Protega we manufacture bespoke equipment to meet the needs of your packing environment.

This can include bespoke packaging benches, conveyor systems and storage systems and, if relevant, all in combination with the Protega paper machines and other equipment.


Protega Global offer full installation of integrated systems and full after sales and service back up.

New Build

For new warehouses we can advise and plan on the despatch area, security cages, supervisor stations, integrated conveyor systems and packaging machinery.

Any company project manager looking for support to create a design for the operations of a new warehouse can be assured of  our collaboration with your project team to create the best and most efficient solution possible.

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