Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Businesses in the UK can now access a full range of UK manufactured eco-friendly packaging solutions. Protega are leading the packaging industry to a new level of sustainability and helping speed up packing time, reduce breakages and save on costs. 

Design – Manufacture – Install

Whether you are trying to improve packing speeds, reduce breakages or gain more space, bespoke packing benches are key to improving efficiency in the warehouse. With new features available for packing benches such as the under-bench Hexcel Dispenser and height adjustable paper machine, packing speeds have never been faster. 

Produced and manufactured entirely in the UK, our packing stations and integration services have been implemented in some of the UK’s largest retailers. Offering an end-to-end process including design, manufacturing, installing, training and after-care.

3D CAD Design & Innovation

UK Based Manufacturer

Bespoke Tailored Solutions

News, Blogs & Insights

With over 40 years combined industry knowledge, our packaging experts provide advice, industry news and eco-friendly packaging insights. Read our latests news, blogs and insights here.

How EPR will impact your business

How EPR will impact your business

EPR – What it is and does it affect you?  In order to meet the UK Government’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The current Packaging Waste Regulations have been replaced by...

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