HexaFil – Paper Void Fill

Your eco-friendly alternative to plastic void-fill. 

A variation of Hexcel wrap which is a quick void fill solution that can be deployed without the need of power. 

Designed specifically for fast-paced operations and speed of packing, ensuring no delays in despatching your products to customers.

Store on your packing benches or use our overhead adjustable stand for quick and easy dispensing.

More than 80% of consumers want to see more eco-friendly packaging, showcase your sustainability with a 100% recyclable paper void-fill. 

HexaFil Paper Void-Fill Benefits


HexaFil delivers lightning-fast void fill, ensuring your products are swiftly protected and ready for dispatch, without any delays.


You can proudly showcase your commitment to sustainability as it offers a 100% recyclable paper void fill solution, aligning with the desires of over 80% of consumers who seek eco-friendly packaging options.


Unparalleled product protection with its innovative honeycomb-style expansion, creating a cushioning barrier that safeguards your valuable items during transit and handling.


Maximises efficiency by providing a quick and hassle-free void fill solution, streamlining your packing process and allowing for seamless operations.

A Simple Alternative to Plastic Air Cushions

Used by some of the UK’s largest E-Commerce and Retailers 

Perfect for a variety of industries that are looking to fill voids in a sustainable and presentable way. 

HexaFil’s honeycomb style expands when pulled to create a cushion to protect your products. Watch our demonstration video to see how it work. 

Integrate With Your Packing Area

Overhead Integration 

The overhead dispenser was created to resolve a space issue one of our customers had during peak season. Our design team worked on creating a desktop space saving solution so that packers improve their speed and efficiency 

This has now become a popular selection when choosing bespoke packing areas. If you are struggling for space on work surfaces, choose the overhead dispenser. Simply pull the HexaFil through and directly into the box. 

Tabletop Integration 

Enhance your packing versatility with the HexaFil tabletop dispenser, allowing you to position it anywhere on your packing bench and conveniently adjust the dispensing direction to suit your needs.

This has been chosen by one of our largest retailers who required the HexaFil to fit within their current packing area. It has since proven to increase their daily despatches by 44%.