Top Paper Void-Fill Products

If you are reading this, then you’ve made the first step to switching from plastic or low quality paper void fill! Researching the different types of paper void-fill can be a minefield, there are hundreds of options available. But what makes them sustainable and what should you be looking for when buying paper void-fill? 

Here are the main benefits you should be on the lookout for:

  • Products that are locally sourced and manufactured. This lowers the carbon emissions in comparison to buying overseas and provides supply chain security. 
  • Does the paper have responsible sourcing? It’s surprising to learn that Europe accounts for approximately 20-40% of the global timber trade, which involves illegal sourcing. When purchasing paper products, make sure to inquire with the supplier about responsible sourcing and certifications such as FSC Certified or PEFC certified.
  • Does the paper provide cushioning? An often missed benefit of some paper void-fills is the ability to provide a cushion. If the paper is in the style of expandable honeycomb, it can provide extra protection with a cushioning barrier. In comparison to the traditional flat paper that pulls through a dispenser to create a thin layer of protection. This will help save on packaging waste, footprint, and costs.
  • How easy is it to pack with? Peak season can often cause delays in deliveries, mostly due to the time it takes to pack a range of products. Find a paper void-fill that can be dispensed quickly and moulded around products. This can help improve packing speeds and worker comfort.
  • Packaging that comes with aftercare! If you are planning to purchase online, you may experience issues with increased damages and overpacking. Especially if you have temporary workers in place to keep up with a high demand of orders. Look for a solution that can provide training and aftercare whenever you may need it, keeping your staff trained can also improve morale. 

Top paper void-fill products and innovations 

Here are the top types of paper void-fill solutions that are available today. 

paper void fill in box with food
  • Honeycomb style paper void-fillAn ideal solution for the cosmetics, beauty and pharmaceutical industry. It’s aesthetically pleasing and available in both white and Kraft. This void-fill can be integrated within packing areas or slotted to fit anywhere on a desktop. Locally sourced paper and manufactured in the UK, this will help lower carbon emissions and provide a speedy, simple paper void-fill

paper void fill protecting glass
  • Paper cushioning. If you are on the lookout for a solution that uses minimal paper but can provide all-round protection, then paper cushioning could be the option for you. The dispensers are made to integrate into packing areas and can be elevated to save space. The paper is FSC© Certified and can help reduce costs, packing times and packaging waste.

shred cardboard protecting electrical product
  • Cardboard shred is a very good way of recycling your surplus cardboard, and provides a very sustainable means of void fill.  However, there are some downsides.  It is slow and labour intensive to produce, and is reliant on a steady supply of surplus corrugated boxes being available for you to shred.  It is also dusty, and unattractive to the eye.  It is also unlikely reduce breakages or speed up your pack process. In fact, it offers less protection than paper cushions because it is not as good at absorbing shock.

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