How paper void-fill is helping improve efficiencies within the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry places a high value on attractive packaging and protecting delicate products during shipping. To overcome packaging challenges and improve overall efficiency, businesses in this industry can turn to paper void fill as a versatile and eco-friendly solution. In this blog post, we will explore how packing cosmetics with paper void fill can save time, space, and costs while aligning with sustainability goals and environmental regulations.

Packaging Pain Points in the Cosmetics Industry:

Statistics such as 10.6% return rate for retailers in the cosmetic industry and 81% of consumers wanting more sustainable packaging. This peak season will be the time for many businesses to change. Packaging within the cosmetics industry often involves fragile items that require careful handling and protection during transit. The process of adequately safeguarding these products while minimising waste and optimising packing efficiency can be a complex task.

Here are some of the most common packaging pain points for the cosmetics industry:

  • High percentage of breakages in transit
  • Delivery delays during peak season due to inefficiencies
  • Using plastic packaging harming the brand and increasing waste management costs
  • Lack of space in packing areas causing worker discomfort

Let’s delve into how paper void fill can provide a solution to these challenges. Start to improve your packing of cosmetics.

Packing cosmetics with paper Void Fill: Saving Time, Space, and Costs:

beauty products in paper void fill
  1. Efficient Packing: Paper void fill is an excellent solution for filling empty spaces within shipping boxes. Preventing product movement and reducing the risk of breakages. Some paper void-fills offers superior cushioning and shock absorption properties, ensuring that delicate cosmetic items are well-protected during transit.
  2. Waste Reduction and Cost Savings: As businesses in the cosmetics industry strive to meet sustainability goals and comply with environmental regulations such as EPR, adopting paper void fill aligns perfectly with this objective. By using paper-based packaging materials, companies can reduce waste management costs and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.
  3. Ideal for Peak Season: The cosmetics industry experiences peak seasons with a significant increase in order volumes. During these times, efficient packing becomes crucial to meet customer demands. Paper void fill simplifies the packing process, allowing for quick and easy filling of empty spaces, and helping businesses cope with the demands of peak seasons.

Dispensers for Worker Comfort and Ease of Use:

paper void fill Hexafil

Paper void fill systems can be designed to streamline the packaging process and improve worker comfort. These systems can include both overhead and desktop dispensers, ensuring ergonomic handling and minimising strain on workers. The simplicity and user-friendly nature of such paper void fill dispensers enable new employees to quickly grasp the process, enhancing overall productivity.

Embracing the Benefits of Packing with Paper Void Fill:

In the cosmetics industry, where both aesthetics and sustainability are valued, paper void fill emerges as a valuable solution. By incorporating this eco-friendly packaging material, businesses can achieve several benefits:

  1. Enhanced protection for delicate cosmetics products during transit.
  2. Compliance with sustainability goals and environmental regulations.
  3. Improving your brands environmental messaging
  4. Streamlined packing processes, saving time and improving overall efficiency.
  5. Improved worker comfort and ease of use with specialised dispensers.

Many UK cosmetic businesses have begun introducing paper packaging materials, but in most cases it is flat paper which provides minimal protection. Whereas there are options available for cushioned paper void fill such as HexaFil, which expands when dispensed to create a cushion.  

HexaFil is made in the UK and presents the cosmetics industry with an efficient and sustainable solution to common packing pain points. By embracing this eco-friendly option, businesses can protect their delicate products, optimise packing processes, and align with sustainability goals and environmental regulations. As the cosmetics industry continues to evolve, adopting innovative packaging solutions like paper void fill becomes a crucial step towards sustainable growth and success. 

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