Wishing you all a happy festive break and a prosperous 2023!

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Are you looking for sustainable protective packaging in 2023?

Our HexcelWrap and Protega Paper make the perfect combination, helping you pack with a little Protega magic! Get in touch with one of our packaging advisors to find out more – use our simple form or call us on 01264 598440

Festive Season Packing Tips!

Saving Costs – For many businesses cost is a top priority this festive season, a simple way to do this is by using less packaging. Training your packers with packaging techniques and the correct packaging products can reduce your waste and costs by up to 50%!

Packaging Health Check – A helpful way of keeping up with the peak season orders is to have your packaging supplier join you on site for a packaging health check. We are often visiting our customers to review their current packing area and coming up with new innovations to resolve any packaging pains. 

Switching to paper packaging – Finally, a tip that will help showcase your brand as sustainable and environmentally friendly, is to simply switch to paper alternatives. The packaging industry has been thriving on packaging innovations, our range of packaging products are made entirely out of paper! Along with using paper, find out where your packaging is being sourced from – using a UK manufacturer and supplier will hugely reduce your carbon emissions.

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