Quick eco packaging solutions to help with Peak Season

  • Foldable Packing Benches, providing more workspace for packers which will result in more parcels out the door
  • Tabletop paper bubble wrap, keep with your sustainable ethos this peak season by using mini paper bubble wrap
  • Speedy tabletop paper void fill, a quick and eco friendly solution is to use a hand dispensable paper void fill. This can improve your packing speed and keep your products protected during transit.
  • Integrated Paper Bubble Wrap Bench, a space saving workbench that stores the paper bubble wrap underneath the worktop and feeds through for ease of access.

Peak season is here! Predicted to be yet another busy year for online orders, businesses are making their last minute adjustments to keep up with despatches. Here are a few last minute packaging solutions that will help your business deliver on time throughout the peak season.

Foldable Packing Benches

A lack of space and unorganised packing area can impact your operations, slowing down packing times and potentially causing breakages. Having an extra pop up work space will help you through your busy periods. Giving staff room to package up deliveries more efficiently. Many businesses have quieter periods throughout the year, a foldable packing bench can be packed away until peak.

Tabletop Paper Bubble Wrap

Whether you are currently using plastic bubble wrap or paper bubble wrap, both can sometimes take up a lot of space; especially if you are last minute buying large rolls of plastic bubble wrap! This can slow down your operations drastically, having less space to work with.

Using a tabletop paper bubble wrap is faster when rolling out, cutting and wrapping compared to plastic bubble wrap. It also takes up very little space on a work station. With simple installation and at a reasonable cost you can improve your packing speeds by up to 50%.

Tabletop Paper Void-Fill

HexaFil is a quick solution that can help get orders out during peak season. Setting up is simple and fast, with the option to have a stand made entirely from card.

One of our objectives as a solution provider is to eliminate packaging waste wherever possible. For example the use of plastic air cushions as top-fill and void-fill when the product is non-fragile. The paper alternative HexaFil can replicate the protection and helps reduce carbon emissions.

Integrated Paper Bubble Wrap Bench

Research with our clients showed that space was one of the main packaging pains during peak season. With orders flying in, but struggling to fly out! Our innovation and development team designed a bench specifically for space saving.

A solution that has helped some of the top UK retailers improve their overall packing efficiency. Housed under the bench worktop, paper bubble wrap feeds through for easy-of-use. This helps reduce packing times and gives packers much more space to work with.

If you need some quick fixes for peak season, ensuring you get all your deliveries out the door and on time then get in touch with our advisors on 01298598440.

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