Plastic Air Cushioning V Protega Paper Cushioning

With growing concerns on climate change and the future of our planet, businesses in the UK and around the globe are putting sustainability at the forefront of their mind.

Packaging plays a huge part when it comes to carbon emissions, waste and pollution. Taking the risk of moving from plastic to paper packaging is not a simple decision for operation managers and business directors. This is due to concerns over increasing costs, damages in transit and the strength of paper.

But what if you could make the switch to paper and at the same time reduce damages, costs and improve your warehouse efficiency?

In this short demonstrate video you can find out how your business could become more sustainable with a seamless to paper packaging!

What does this show us? 

By using simple packing techniques such as crossing, twisting and coiling parts of the Protega Paper we have managed to eliminate all movement within the box. 27% of the air cushions were deflated, this gives very little protection and increases the chance of damages during transit because of the movement within the box. 

This demonstration shows you how paper can in fact improve your overall sustainability, with benefits such as faster packing times, reduced waste, operational efficiency and meets the eco-friendly demands of your customers.

So, what’s stopping you from making the switch? 

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