HexcelPack UK Manufacturing

Protega Global are now the UK manufacturer for HexcelPack, creating in-house the paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap, Hexcel Wrap. HexcelPack UK will help distribution in the UK and Europe, giving businesses a secure and reliable supply chain.

Giving overseas mass-production a miss in favour of a UK operation means your order can be processed and produced much quicker. HexcelPack UK is now in full swing, meaning Protega can get your Hexcel Wrap to you in most cases the next working day of placing your order, so you’ve always got a steady supply of stock at the ready.

What is Hexcel Wrap?

Hexcel Wrap wrapping vase

The industry leading and original paper bubble wrap – Hexcel, revolutionised the packaging industry a few years back as the first eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap. It allowed businesses to reduce their plastic waste, reduce their carbon footprint and meet ever-growing consumer demands for sustainable packaging. 

We have taken ‘eco-friendly’ to the next level by bringing the manufacture of Hexcel in-house. This reduces its carbon footprint and shortens the supply chain. Protega void fill machines and paper are already manufactured in the UK. This allows you to access a full range of cost-effective sustainable packaging directly from a UK manufacturer!

How does it work?

Hexcel effortlessly wraps around products and the layers build up to offer protection as good as plastic bubble! Dispensed from a small manual tensioning device that can be deployed anywhere, without the requirement for electricity. Hexcel wrap is easy stretch and easy tear. Once stretched around the product you simply tear the paper, and the paper interlocks on itself. No need for adhesive tape! Not only does this reduces plastic use but also reduces pack times by up to 50%. With no adhesive tape to remove it also makes it easier for your customers to unwrap the products too! 

The use of Hexcel is spreading rapidly as more companies seek a sustainable alternative to bubble. Hexcel is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and owing to its compact size has a negligible carbon footprint compared to bubble wrap. 425m length when stretched.

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