Investing in Staff will Boost Your Operational Productivity – Here’s Why

When it comes to business, productivity of supply chain has a large impact on total profits. Having reliable equipment is important, but having qualified staff to operate it is even more so. In this article, we discuss why investing in your staff is vital for the success of your business, and how you can speed up your production line with regular training.

Why does your supply chain need high calibre staff? 

A strong workforce is the best asset of a successful businesses. This applies to every department, including the production line. The quality of your packers and operators will determine your productivity, and the speed at which customers receive their orders.

A high calibre of staff on your production line will have a range of benefits. Firstly, the speed of packing your products directly impacts your output and capacity. If packed with speed, you can get more consignements out the door, therefore improving your productivity. The quicker you pack, the more orders you can fulfil and the more profit you can generate. 

Qualified staff are the key to boosting your efficiency. You’ll also benefit from a high standard of packing across despatch, ensuring that your products are always delivered in pristine condition which will impress your customers.

Another benefit of training staff is to enhance packing tecnniques which will allow you to reduce packaging waste. Protega offer aftercare which involves full training on how best to pack products, different tecniques that can be used to reduce waste, speed up packing times and reduce breakages – helping to improve the overall warehouse efficiency. 

How to upskill your employees to boost productivity 

To boost productivity, upskilling your employees is a great investment. The best way to start investing in your staff is through training. This shouldn’t just apply to new employees; providing training for existing employees keeps their skills up to date and teaches new techniques to enhance efficiency. Providing regular training also makes employees feel valued – by investing in their development, you are offering a commitment to their careers, therefore resulting in a higher standard of work.

Staff training with Protega Global 

At Protega Global, we supply innovative paper packaging solutions to help companies improve their packing process, cut their carbon footprint whilst reducing packaging waste. 

We help companies increase productivity by providing in-depth training both face-to-face and virtually. Our products also come with detailed instruction manuals and videos to show packers and operators how to use them effectively.

As a result, our clients then benefit from cutting-edge and award winning packing technology and specially trained staff. The combination of the two provides a valuable productivity boost across our clients’ supply chains.

To find out more about Protega Global’s paper packing solutions and how they can enhance your pick, pack and despatch, get in touch with team today.

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