HexcelWrap wins at Packaging Innovations awards

Hexcelwrap from Protega Global won the ‘Most Innovating Product’ award at this year’s Packaging Innovations show.

The industry’s first UK manufactured paper bubble wrap was displayed in the ‘Innovations Gallery’ at the show, which was held on 25-26th May at the Birmingham NEC.

Daniel Willock, Marketing Manager at Protega Global, commented: “We are thrilled to have won the 2022 Packaging Innovations Showcase Award for ‘Most Innovating Product’. Our investment in moving premises to begin manufacturing HexcelWrap in the UK is a game changer for businesses trying to lower their carbon footprint. We are very proud to be the first and only UK manufacturer of paper bubble wrap, taking sustainability to the next level and leading the packaging industry to an eco-friendlier future.”

HexcelWrap has become the first UK manufactured paper bubble wrap, allowing UK retailers to reduce their carbon footprint even further. With online sales continuing to grow at a rapid pace, retailers are urgently taking action by switching to a more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution. The company’s investment in manufacturing locally provides a simple chain of custody, without the need to track carbon emissions through multiple channels overseas.

The product is made up of both virgin fibres and recycled paper to ensure the strength gives the ultimate protection for all types of products. Households are able to simply identify paper as being recyclable, unlike some types of packaging such as plastics and foam, less than 10% is estimated to be successfully recycled in the UK. Paper is also biodegradable and takes an average of 4-6 weeks to break down in landfills. The UK consumer demand for eco-friendly paper packaging reaches new records every year, with a reported 77% willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.

It is easy stretch and easy tear. Once stretched around the product users simply tear the paper, and the paper interlocks on itself, with no need for adhesive tape.

Not only does this reduce plastic use, it also reduces pack times by up to 50%, allowing customers to increase the number of daily despatches. With no adhesive tape to remove it also makes it easier for customers to unwrap the products too. The use of Hexcel is spreading rapidly as more companies seek a sustainable alternative to bubble.

Hexcel has a track record for reducing customers breakages by 50%, reducing the number of returns, saving on costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Hexcel’s packing benches come with the option to house a Hexcel dispenser under the bench, feeding through the desk top. This saves on space, time and making it simple for packers to use.

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