How to Use Eco-Friendly Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Sustainable packaging isn’t only beneficial for the environment – your business can also benefit by using it as a marketing tool. With a range of eco-friendly paper-based and recycle packaging solutions to suit every product type, it’s never been easier to make the switch to eco-friendly packaging.

Here’s how to make the most of sustainable packaging to elevate your business.

Sustainable materials as part of your branding 

Sustainable materials can be used as a core component of your branding. Paper packaging is becoming an increasingly popular look for businesses, showcasing their commitment to the environment in a visual way. Paper packaging doesn’t just communicate your sustainable ethos to customers – it demonstrates it to all who see it in transit.

Eco-Friendly Paper packaging still offers a range of design options to make it unique to your brand. You can even add logos like FSC® to highlight that your recyclable packaging is sustainably sourced.

Quality packaging for high-end product experience 

Paper packaging has advanced greatly in recent years – not only is it strong, secure and cost saving, but it can also improve the open-box experience with a high-end feel. 

Eco-friendly packaging

Product experience is the sensory and psychological response customers have to a product. As the first physical interaction with your product, packaging is essential for a positive product experience and will act as an extension of your brand. Good quality paper packaging can look more expensive, feeling thicker and higher quality than traditional plastic packaging. This will give your customers an excellent initial product experience.

To complete your superior experience, you can encourage customers to join you on your mission to protect the environment by recycling their packaging.

Promote your eco-friendly packaging to encourage sales 

Shout about your eco-friendly packaging to entice more people to make a purchase. You can showcase it on your website, social media, email newsletters and all other marketing collateral as a unique selling point.

If a potential customer is deciding between your products and those of another business, this could be a deciding factor for the ever growing environmentally conscious consumers.

Protega Global are a leading supplier of paper packing solutions in the UK. To discuss making the switch for your business, contact us today.

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