Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives to Bubble Wrap, Sticky Tape and More 

Are you looking to switch to eco-friendly packaging but not sure if you can find alternatives for all materials? Finding a sustainable replacement to plastic bags or tape might be simple, but to make your packaging entirely eco-friendly, you need to switch every component. 

Here are eco-friendly alternatives for common plastic packaging components, including bubble wrap, sticky tape, polystyrene chips and more.

Eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is an essential packaging material to transport delicate products. Many businesses that have switched to paper or cardboard packaging still use bubble wrap to pack fragile items – however, if your goal is to have 100% recyclable packaging, this simply isn’t good enough. 

Paper bubble wrap

Hexcel Wrap is a paper-based, biodegradable alternative to bubble wrap. The hexagonal paper cells are specially designed to cushion products and can be wrapped in layers for extra protection.

Hexcel Wrap is UK manufactured in-house by Protega Global, and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. With its innovative dispenser and packing mechanisms, Hexcel Wrap speeds up packing speeds by 50%. It also takes up 80% less space when flat than traditional bubble wrap. Due to its compact size, it has a very small carbon footprint compared to plastic bubble wrap. 

Find out more about Hexcel Wrap here.

Eco-friendly alternative to sticky tape

To make your packaging 100% eco-friendly, you need an eco-friendly tape to seal it with. Traditional tape is made from plastic and cannot be recycled, so to achieve your sustainable goals, you need to find an alternative. 

Gummed Paper Tape

Paper tape is a recyclable and biodegradable. If you need high-strength tape to secure your products, Eco-Friendly Gummed Paper Tape it uses a wet gum adhesive to soak into cardboard or paper and fuses to the material. The gum breaks down easily during the recycling process and is also completely soluble in water.

There’s no need to worry about the tape not surviving in high temperature or humidity – it performs in all weathers and is unaffected by extreme heat.

Find out more about Eco-Friendly Gummed Paper Tape here.

Eco-friendly alternative to packing chips and plastic air cushions

If you use polystyrene packing chips and plastic air cushions to transport your goods securely, Paper Void Fill is a great eco-friendly alternative. Protega paper is made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. The paper is creased and crimped in strategic ways to secure your products, absorbing shocks and reducing movement in transit. 

Protega’s cutting-edge void-fill paper machine also speeds up your packing times dramatically.

Find out more about Paper Void Fill here.

Eco-friendly mailing bags to replace polythene mailing and carrier bags

Making the switch from plastic to paper mailing bags is essential to make your packaging eco-friendly. Paper mailing bags are an easy, cost-effective alternative.

One of the most common concerns about eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags is their strength and robustness. Protega’s paper mailing bags are made with wet strength kraft paper to ensure that they are water resistant and retain their strength, even when wet.

Find out more about eco-friendly mailing bags here

Protega Global specialises in eco-friendly, paper-based packaging solutions. To discuss our products and your business’ requirements, get in touch with the Protega team today.

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