Protega in the spotlight at IntraLogisteX 2022

The first day at IntraLogisteX has come to an end and it’s certainly been a busy one! Our packaging experts where on hand to give live demonstrations of our latest packaging innovations and provide solutions to common warehouse operation problems. Here are some highlights from day 1!

Logistics Manager interview Head of Marketing, Daniel Willock on our latest packaging innovation

With the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) coming into effect on 1st April, you would be foolish if you hadn’t started preparing for the potentially costly new levy. But that shouldn’t apply to the packaging of your products.

As you would expect, several exhibitors at IntraLogisteX are ahead of the curve and have been hard at work developing clever circular solutions to reduce the volume of plastic used in warehousing, too. One of those areas, perhaps overlooked, is pallet wrap. That’s where Protega comes in – and the company’s Daniel Willock has this morning reported great interest in ‘Hexcel Stretch – Pallet Wrap’, a brand-new sustainable solution on show at IntraLogisteX in Coventry.” Read more here…

Rowan, Sustainable Packaging expert talks visitors through Integrated Hexcel Benches

Saving space is always a must when it comes to peak season, an all year round solution such as the Hexcel Bench can help improve packing speeds, space and warehouse efficiency. With Hexcel now being manufactured in the UK, your carbon footprint will reduce significantly. Here is a video of Rowan demonstrating how it works and giving the shock factor of using paper bubble wrap that clings to itself and can hold the weight of the product, watch to the end!

Book a live demonstration or visit us on stand 314 for more information!

Protega ‘Stands’ out from the crowd, says visitors

We had many positive comments and feedback about our stand design, made from reused exhibition furniture from previous shows. An eco-friendly, bright and eye-catching display of graphics and products. A huge thanks goes out to the Protega team who have helped design, set up and run the exhibition stand!

That’s a wrap for day one, catch us tomorrow from 9:30am – 3:30pm where we will be showcasing our UK manufactured paper packaging solutions and seamless integrated packing stations. If you want to save time, space, costs and start wowing your customers with an open box experience they won’t forget, then come and have a chat with one of our sustainable packaging experts!

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