What’s on display at IntraLogisteX 2022?

We are very excited to display some of our latest packaging innovations at IntraLogisteX 2022 March 29th-30th!

So… what will Protega be displaying on stand 314? Here’s a sneak peak!

Paper Pallet Wrap

Hexcel Stretch is an innovative 100% paper-based pallet wrapping system. A sustainable shipping solution, fully recyclable, plastic-free alternative to traditional pallet wrapping material. Developed with high-tension Hexcel Stretch – Pallet Wrap technology designed specifically for pallet use, providing maximum protection and adhesion to ensure integrity of goods during transport. 

Packing Stations with Integrated Paper Bubble Wrap

Housed under the bench, the Hexcel paper is simply passed through a pair of rollers and dispensed onto the bench at the optimal position for the packers. This design maximises the usable area of the bench, and dramatically increases efficiency.  To reload a section of the bench lifts up and allows rolls to be placed easily and ergonomically.

UK Manufactured Protega 125 Paper Void-Fill Machine

Eco-friendly, fast paced, UK manufactured paper void-fill dispenser. The Protega Machine is one of the packaging industries leading innovations and used by some of the largest retailers in the UK.

UK Manufactured HexcelWrap – Paper Bubble Wrap

Now the first UK manufactured paper bubble wrap and the industry leading… THexcel is spreading rapidly as more companies seek a sustainable alternative to bubble. Hexcel is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and owing to its compact size has a negligible carbon footprint compared to bubble wrap. 

UK businesses can now access a full range of packaging products manufactured in the UK! Come visit us on STAND 314 to start your journey to a sustainable future… register for your tickets here: https://www.intralogistex.co.uk

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