Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Improving Speed, Space and Breakages in the warehouse.

How to improve logistics speed, space and breakages in the warehouse ready for peak season and enhance warehouse efficiency. UK Retailers are wondering if their operations team have enough resources to cope with another challenging peak. Packaging is one of the most space intensive requirements and this, along with staff shortages, social distancing and fewer HGV drivers on the road, are a direct threat to productivity.  
Then there’s the seismic shift to online orders because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with space constraints at peak periods likely resulting in slower packing times and delays in despatching. All of this combined could result in unhappy customers and really damage growing businesses.

Protega Global have a wide range of integrated packing solutions. Ranging from foldable packing benches that instantly create space to Hexcel Integrated Benches with industry leading Hexcel Wrap housed under the bench.

The Foldable Packing Bench

The first in the packaging industry, specifically designed to be easily assembled and dissembled. A perfect solution for peak times throughout the year, with the ability to pop-up when required and store away, taking up minimal space. 

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The Hexcel Bench

The Hexcel Integrated Bench is also the first of its kind within the packaging industry. An innovative space saving and sustainable packing solution which is at the fingertips of operators. Designed to fit your needs, the Hexcel Bench is fully customisable, with the industry leading Hexcel Wrap housed under the bench. 

Book a demonstration, virtual or in-person – our packaging experts can demonstrate the simplicity of loading the hexcel wrap and show you the speed, space and security that comes with the bench. 

Improve your operators warehouse efficiency

To compliment Protega Globals sustainable ethos, we make sure that all our parts are sourced locally to bring down our own carbon footprint. We then design, manufacture and install a fully customisable packing area.

Our team of technicians at Salisbury UK do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. In close consultation with our customers we produce and customise our Protega machines and packing stations to fit your business needs. 

  • Design – Protega Global focuses significant effort and investment in the development of new innovative ideas. To create an eco-friendly packing range enabling you to pack both smarter and faster. Our research and development capabilities allow us to bring ideas to reality. Read More >>
  • Manufacture – Our Production capabilities vary from packaging benches, conveyor systems, storage systems, all of which can be combined with our sustainable packaging materials. Read More >> 
  • Install – At Protega we take the process from concept through to delivery and installation of the finished product. Our in-house installation team will work with you to minimise disruption and ensure a smooth transition to your new packing and despatch area. Read More >> 

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Retailers can save on Carbon emissions and book a live virtual demo in Protega Globals new Studio! 

Providing you with high quality product demonstrations and an immersive experience into the world of Protega Global.

Protega Paper – Safe, Secure & Sustainable

Protega Paper void fill solution is both robust and easily mouldable. Because of the way the Protega paper is creased and crimped it secures and cushions your products, absorbing shock and eliminating movement in transit. 

Protega Paper is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and  made from 100% recycled paper. Protega Paper is also FSC® certified.

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