eBook: New Packaging Innovations & Top Tips on Preparing for Peak Season

UK are expected to hit a record high with online shopping this peak

In preparation for this, Protega Global have launched multiple products to help speed up operations and manage the high demand of online shoppers during peak time, we also released an eBook with top tips that will help peak season run smoothly for your business.  

With Peak season just around the corner, now is the time to make sure you have everything in order. To help you prepare for peak we are sharing a number of top tips, along with multiple new products to keep your operations flowing smoothly throughout Peak.

Download & Read on to find out more about the following time busting innovations:

1. Integrated Hexcel Bench – Page 3

2. Foldable Packing Bench – Page 4

3. Fil-in-a-box, with HexaFil – Page 5

4. Automatic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser – Page 6

5. And several pages of top tips to help improve your packing area

You can download the eBook here and find out more about the Peak products that we have released and top tips on improving your packing area.

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