Its NOT just about switching to eco-friendly packaging…

We are currently living through a global change in the packaging industry, every day companies are making the switch to a more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solution. Whether that’s switching from plastic bubble wrap to paper bubble wrap or swapping out plastic air bags for paper void fill – with over 80% of UK shoppers considering themselves as environmentally friendly, companies have been left with no choice but to make the switch… 

But does switching to paper packaging instantly make a company eco-friendly? Well the simple answer is no… although paper is substantially less damaging than plastic, if companies are over-packing products then it’s making little to no difference to their sustainability. For example – we have pretty much all received that over-sized box containing a smaller box that’s carrying the keyring you ordered, held together by a flimsy piece of paper void-fill… sound familiar? 

Personal Experience

My last online order I made is the inspiration for this blog; I ordered 1 Father’s Day mug, within 24 hours I received said mug in a box that my 6-year-old could of used as a hideout and a slip of flimsy paper void-fill which provided zero protection for the mug as it crawled into the corner of the box, barely protecting its dignity. This is a perfect example of bad packing, understandably these distributors have thousands of orders going through so to an untrained packer, picking up the closest box is probably how they get your package to you within a day or 2.  

How would we pack these products? 

Simple, by always having the environment and the safety of your product in mind. We would use a box that is fit for purpose, 1 small length of Protega Paper and depending on the fragility of the product, a quick wrap from our Hexcel paper. By using sustainable products and having the knowledge needed to use the minimal amount – we have created the most eco-friendly and protective way of shipping the product. Here is an example of one our most recent re-packs we did for a distributor:

This is the key to becoming a truly sustainable company and how you earn the badge of ‘eco-friendly packaging’, by simply packing smart. We have seen many examples of packaging companies shooting out paper products left, right and centre but not providing the crucial training that is required to pack correctly and efficiently with these products. 

We can demonstrate to you how we pack, by sending us your products and us sending back how we would pack them; this will give you the perfect insight on how you could improve your packaging, reduce breakages, save on costs and become more environmentally appealing to your customers.

When we provide our packaging solutions, we also provide the necessary aftercare and training that is going to make your company become truly sustainable. 

If you feel you may be over packing and or just want to see how Protega Global would pack your products then get in touch today and we can arrange a free consultation and re-pack of your products.

Here are some videos to show our repack process… take a look and you’ll see the difference instantly!

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