Top 5 tips on packing benches and stations

The layout, position and bespoke design of Packing Benches and Packing Stations can make a world of difference when it’s made specifically for your operation. The efficiency of a warehouse is determined by speed, ease, breakages and many other factors that ensure the smooth flow from shelf to dispatch. 

Here are 5 top tips on packing benches and stations we guarantee will improve your warehouse efficiency. 

Custom built

Whether you are trying to improve packing speeds, reduce breakages or gain more space, bespoke packing benches are key to improving efficiency in the warehouse. With new features available for packing benches such as the under-bench Hexcel Dispenser and height adjustable paper machine, packing speeds have never been faster. 

With complete customisation of a packing bench, you can easily improve efficiency. The simplest way to introduce bespoke packing benches is to work out your available space, have a professional CAD team and advisors to help plan, design and create your new packing area. 

We carry out an initial survey to gain an operational overview of your organisation. We look at workflow, materials handling and packing requirements and configure an efficient and safe work area.

To get started you can contact our team for a free consultation.

Heavy Duty

Something that is often overlooked when installing new packing benches is their durability, they may have all the space you need and fit perfectly but these benches are going to be used daily so strength is key. Our benches are British-made, steel, high quality, strong and durable with the ability to stand heavy weights and constant use. 

Lower quality benches can be detrimental to your operations process, for example damaged packing benches can cause costly delays whilst waiting for a replacement. 


You will often find that you run out of space very quickly when using ordinary packing benches because they have to work around your available space and packing equipment. Integrating bespoke packing benches allows you to have complete control over your packing station space. 

With the new integrated under-bench Hexcel wrap available, you have already saved a large section that would usually be filled with an over-sized roll of bubble wrap and a bulky dispenser to go with it. There is a lot to consider when positioning your packing benches, you must take into account space, efficiency and safety. Having a team of professionals design your entire packing station will help you save space, time and breakages.


With the surge of online shopping continuing to 2021, customers are expecting speedy deliveries and the increasingly more popular sustainable packaging options

Your packing benches are in the heart of your packing stations and therefore are key for your operations to run smoothly, having a custom-built packing bench with an integrated paper machine, conveyor and under-bench paper bubble wrap dispenser can significantly improve your packing times.

Using the right packaging materials, equipment and tools

One of the most important aspects of a packing station is having the best available equipment to go alongside it. Using automated systems with scanners and keyboards along with the right number of shelves, draws and space. 

Having your packing supplies within reach is a great way to ensure efficiency in your packing area, that’s why using an integrated paper machine and paper bubble wrap dispenser that take up little space can improve multiple areas at once. 

If you are looking for new packing benches or a complete new packaging process to improve your packing speeds, operations efficiency or reduce breakages then get in touch today for a free consultation.

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