Protega Global release eBook on: Top Tips on how to improve your packing area and enhance your packaging in 2021

Is your business packing smart?

Has your company seen a shift to online orders because of the pandemic? Are you wondering how you can cope with another ‘peak’ in orders within the same size packing area? Read on if you are one of them, because you may be experiencing the same pain felt by many other businesses like yours:

1. Slower packing times as the area becomes congested with an increasing volume of orders – Page 3

2. Reduction in efficiency owing to social distancing – Page 5

3. An increase in damages or breakages – Page 6

4. Delays in despatching resulting in unhappy customers – Page 8

5. A feeling of frustration or guilt that you are using excess or unsustainable packaging – Page 10

If this resonates with you, we may have some top tips that will help ease these pain points and could dramatically increase productivity.

Click the link below and register to download the Protega Global Top Tips eBook for free! 

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