Six areas where Gummed Paper Tape excels.

Gummed paper tapes have become extremely popular in recent years with companies looking into issues surrounding The Paper versus Biodegradable plastics debate. 

Businesses looking to move away from man-made plastics and solvents have found that Gummed tape has so much more to offer than just being environmentally friendly. 

Read this blog to be informed of the other advantages this great product has to offer.

Sustainable gummed paper tape

Please find below six key areas where Gummed Paper Tape excels.

1. Strength

The strength of gummed Paper Tape comes from bonded fibres

A sealed carton is only as strong as it’s seal. It follows that the tape must withstand all the conditions to which the carton is exposed – in high-speed sealing, in transit, in storage and in ultimate use. Gummed Paper Tape uniquely forms a 100% fibre-tearing bond to the carton board and so actually strengthens the containers it seals.

2. Security

tamper evident seal protects from pilfering.

With it’s high tack and firm bond, Gummed Paper Tape becomes part of the package it seals. Hence it’s supremely tamper – pilfer-evident. Use of printed tapes will defeat even those thieves who hope to conceal their actions by taping over.

3. Ecology


Gummed Paper Tape is a truly ‘green’ product. Both the paper base-stock and starch-based adhesion formulation are natural materials and so are totally biodegradable as well as being suitable for recycling. Even coloured and printed tapes are produced with environmental-friendly water-based inks.

4. Heat Tolerance


Gummed Paper Tape is easy to use and is effective in any climatic conditions. Adhesion is unaffected by extremes of humidity or heat – short of actual combustion point! This flexibility is extremely valuable for import/export goods, which may be packed and sealed in the hot or cold environments.

5. Cold Tolerance

gum paper tape performs in sub zero storage conditions

Similarly, corrugated cartons may be sealed with Gummed Paper Tape satisfactorily in sub-zero temperatures, or, when closed in normal ambient temperature will be unaffected by blast-freezing or deep-freeze storage. There is literally no minimum temperature to affect adhesion.

6. Cost Efficiency

Gummed paper tape can save you money

Modern Gummed Paper Tape carton-closure systems can effect a firm seal with remarkably little material – even less where reinforced tapes are used. Elimination of waste produces very attractive ‘applied cost’ economics in comparison with other methods. The speed and ease of semi-and-fully-automatic application maximises output while minimising manpower costs.


As you have learned, there are many benefits to Gummed Paper Tape, it must be stated that other closure methods perform well in one or more of the aspects above but only Gummed Paper Tape scores highly in all of them.

sustainable packaging innovations to help the environment

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  1. Luke Smith

    It’s great that you mentioned how gummed paper tape uniquely forms a 100% fibre-tearing bond to a carton board and so actually strengthens the containers it seals. I’ve seen some people who work at sealing packages and I saw how some of them used gummed paper tape. From what I could remember, it seems most of them used gummed tape dispensers for it, like Better Pack 333 PLUS for example.


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