7 ways to approach packing your products in a box for transit

The shipped or mailed package represents the most direct connection with the customer so it is important that you get it right. 

This blog gives you food for thought with 7 packaging methods to consider packing your products with. If you are looking to improve your warehouse efficiency, packing speeds or reduce breakages then you can download our exclusive eBook here 

Please enjoy the content, I’m sure you will learn something new.

1. Loose Fill Chips

Recommended for filling any remaining space after the item(s) have been packed, the free-flowing nature of loose-fill chips means that it can be applied to any size of box to fill the space around the goods.

Loose fill chips offer a total void fill packaging solution.

Polystyrene loose-fill chips are made from 100% recycled material and are reusable. 

The Bio-fill loose-fill chips are made from wheat starch and will dissolve in water. The ‘S’ shape of both types of loose-fill chips means that they lock together minimising migration in transit.

Loose-fill chips are a cost effective means of filling voids especially when dispatching irregular shaped products. They are also very quick and easy to use and give an excellent all round protection.

One point to consider when considering using loose-fill chips is that a lot of storage space is required to house the large bags which can leave your packing operation cluttered and in need of regular clean-ups which could represent efficiency problems.

Loose Fill Chips are light in weight so for companies considering the weight of their boxes this could be a great packaging product to adopt.

2. Bubble Wrap

The classic and versatile packaging product Bubble Wrap provides essential protection for the transportation, mailing or storage of fragile items.

Available in a number of different widths and lengths with the smallest option supplied in a dispenser box for tidy storage and perforated for easy tear-off

Bubble Wrap can be supplied in anti-staticfor electrical goods and a double laminate is available for certain applications as a surface protection from circular marks.

Anti-static bubble wrap pouches with a self seal strip.
Bubble Wrap when applied is wrapped around items usually requiring the application of tape to hold the Bubble Wrap into place. For smaller items Bubble Wrap pouches can be acquired with a tear off strip to seal.

3. Paper Cushioning

Paper Cushioning machines produce structured paper pads and are one of the most effective forms of protective packaging methods on the market. As opposed to plastic air pouches, paper doesn’t pop, and is also easier to recycle effectively. 

Paper Cushioning allows Packing Operatives a lot of flexibility when packing products of various shapes and sizes and with training in the correct techniques to apply this method can massively reduce breakages in transit and reduce packing material usage.

paper padding for an eco-friendly way of protecting goods in transit.

When used correctly this sustainable packaging does not require a total void fill application such as shredded paper or loose fill chips.

Suppliers offer rental charges and supply the paper rolls in pallet quantities when required. Be aware that some paper machines produce different quality of paper cushioning so make sure that the cushioning is of the desired strength for your application.

Paper cushioning Machines have been popular with companies looking to integrate sustainable packaging alternatives into their packing operations to maximise efficiencies during peak.

4. Air Cushioning

Their are a range of air pillows and air bubble packaging machines currently on the market which can create large flexible air cushions or small rectangular air pillows. Packing your products surrounded by air cushions will allow you to quickly and efficiently protect your products while in transit or in storage.

Air cushioning machines can be a great packing solution for companies with limited space as the machines can be small and lightweight, many suppliers will also offer it to buy on Sale or Return.

Air cushioning systems can allow your packing operation to become versatile as you can create as many air cushions as you like.

One of the main downsides to Air Cushioning is that plastic is not a very popular material to be using due to the recent back-lash from the general public, we are now starting to see buying trends that show consumers are actively avoiding purchasing from companies which use plastic packaging.

5. Hexcel Paper

Hexcel Paper is the next generation of protective wrapping designed as a paper alternative to plastic materials such as Bubble Wrap. This packaging material can be wrapped around products with its interlocking design which in turn requires no adhesive tape.

As a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material Hexcel Paper has become popular with companies looking for a gift-able void fill material which gives products a luxurious finish.

Hexcel Paper is supplied on a roll, when placed on a dispenser the material opens into hexagon shapes under tension, this produces a material which is excellent for cushioning and wrapping products.

Hexcel Paper flat rolls become interlocking under tension

One of the key advantages of Hexcel Paper is the speed of packing products, when compared to Bubble Wrap, Hexcel can be teared from the roll by hand and interlocks upon its-self which represents a cost saving in comparison to Bubble Wrap which requires the use of tape, this may also for companies who have strict cutting device free packing areas.


Using Hexcel Paper offers can offer a competitive brand advantage as consumers are choosing to buy from companies who use sustainable packaging materials, which are easy to dispose of responsibly back into circular recycling chain.

6. Dynasafe Retention Packaging

Dynasafe Retention and suspension packaging is suited for a wide range of applications across many industries and is fast becoming popular with e-commerce packing operations who may require multiple products to be packed together and to facilitate returns.

The main advantage of this packaging type is that the box is the packagingso absolutely no void fill is needed. The product(s) held into place by a thin layer of film. Because the film represents a maximum of 1.5% of non-paper components this interestingly, qualifies as being completely recyclable, and doesn’t need to be separated before going into the recycling process.

Speed of packing is one of the main features of this innovative product which can be packed and sealed within ten seconds.

Dynasafe can be produced as custom bespoke printed which offers companies the opportunity to enhance their brand and create a positive open box experience. Available as One Piece Retention and Two Piece Retention for larger items.

7. Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper offers a total void fill option designed to protect products, available in a multitude of colours and also available as Zig-Zag shredded paper, this box-filler is commonly used as a void for retail packaging by e-commerce companies.

Shredded paper is an economical packaging void fill method. green and eco-friendly.

In many ways fine cut shred offers similar protective qualities as loose-fill chips but can be presented as a more gift-able solution whilst filling spaces.

All shredded papers can be biodegradable and recyclable but it would be a good idea to speak to your supplier to make sure water based inks are used for the coloured Shredded Paper. The Natural and Black colours are the most environmentally friendly being made from 100% recycled paper.

Zig Zag shredded paper for a luxurious look.

Shredded Paper is a very effective way of protecting delicate goods in transit but can become a messy chore for end users who may not own a hamster. 

Another significant development with Shredded Paper is that because of GDPR regulations any shred produced from recycled paper must be cross-cut which makes the shred dusty and less effective.


It seems that there are many options to consider when it comes to packing a box. I hope that this blog has given you a few ideas, especially when it comes to making sure that the packaging suits your business structure. I would also like to add, as I work for a Sustainable Packaging Company www.protega-global.com it is always part of my thought process to consider the environmental impact that the packaging we use and all our activities have on this precious Earth. If you are looking to improve your warehouse efficiency, packing speeds or reduce breakages and become sustainable then you can download our exclusive eBook here 

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