Our Story

“It’s a beautiful world. Let’s keep it that way.”

Many of us may have children of our own. We may have nephews and nieces. We may have friends with children. Children trust us as adults to provide and protect.

Our children trust us to protect the legacy they will inherit from us.

This is the legacy of a clean and healthy environment.

Protega Global was conceived as an entity to develop and market eco-friendly paper-based packaging materials.

There is so much unsightly plastic packaging littering our environment that will take years to degrade. It will be there for future generations to clean up.

We can talk about making a difference, or we can make a difference.

We may not be able to change the world. But we can use alternatives to plastic packaging.

  • Packaging that comes from renewable sources.
  • Packaging that can easily be recycled by the end-user.
  • Packaging that will degrade in the environment and not cause harm to wildlife.

There is a need for plastic packaging. But there are many areas where plastic packaging can be replaced by paper. Without compromising effectiveness.

Our Protega paper void-fill machine took 4 years to develop.

We build the paper voidfill machines in our own workshops in Salisbury, Wiltshire employing local people. All components are made in the UK. The machines have been on extensive trials for over two years and have proved extremely reliable.

We have been operating as a family business since 1985 selling packaging materials with an emphasis on supplying eco-friendly packaging.

 We decided that we would set a separate trading entity called Protega Global to source and market eco-friendly sustainable packaging products.

Motivation to do something

With the shocking pollution that we see on the media, the plastic packaging we see tangled up in bushes on our way to work, wildlife tangled up in discarded plastic packaging and animals choked after ingesting plastic waste, we decided to seek out paper based packaging alternatives to plastic. And these alternatives should give commercial benefits to maximise adoption of paper packaging.

It is early days, but we are excited about the products we have assembled so far. Especially when they offer a better packing solution as well as being eco-friendly.

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